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We bring you Targeted, Qualified & Ready To Buy Customers


Ever wondered what  it would be like to have a steady flow of qualified and ready to buy customers for your sales team to close without  the headache of endless hours on the phone with no results to show for it?

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Use Great Data: 

Our data Our experts will source and build an accurate list of "high quality leads" with key decisionmakers for your campaign.

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Profile Your Prospect:

We make sure we truly understand your  prospect's pain points.

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Prepare Your Approach:

We work with you to ensure we are knowledgeable about your products and services.

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Make First Contact:

We will generate interest with the  decision makers who have a genuine interest in your products & services


Where Lead Generation Meets Marketing Automation


Business Intelligence.

How It Works

Defining your audience is just the first step in working out the underlying strategy behind any marketing campaign. Getting them to raise their hand or request more information about

your product or service is another.

Infograph Guide

  • S.C.O.T.S.M.A.N Score = *** #

  • P.S Score= (Probability Score)

  • Stay Engaged = "----------" (Phone, Email,  Chat, Social etc

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Consulting with "you" the clientAnswering critical questions about“YOUR” target audience Make First ContactFinal decision maker? (YES) *** # 1Ps score 20% Are they under contract?(NO!!!)***#2Ps score 20% Report to client-"You" What is their main pain point(Not enough revenue)*** #3 Ps score 20% Report to client-"You" Do they have a budget? (YES!!!)*** #4 Ps score 20% Time line to Purchase? (90, 60, 30 days) ***#5Ps score 20% Prospect Is Ready to BUY!First Introductory Appointment is SetFINAL SCOTSMAN SCOREPs score 100%
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Tell us what you need to close the deal and we'll get it done!

What's In It For You

Identify Prospects Looking For Your Solution
Increase Close Rate
Forcast ROI
Shorten You Sales Cycle
Gain More Market Share
Boost Your Bottom Line