How It Works

What does a truly qualified lead look like? Is it getting someone to raise their hand, or is it to develop a sales-ready prospect?

Consultation and Information Gathering Session a.k.a Setting Your

We consult with you to flesh out all the key pieces of information you need so you can close the deal. We will look at what you currently have, what you are currently doing and what you want to achieve moving forward.

What intelligence you would need depends on the product or service you're offering.



For Example: Capturing your "Modified S.C.O.T.S.M.A.N outlined by you, during your Consultation and Information Gathering Session, using 

Probability Scoring. This information is then handed off to your dedicated account manager for the life of your campaign.

Example of a: “MODIFIED-S.C.O.T.S.M.A.N”.


Fill a Need + Provide a Solution = Profit

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We never leave your success to chance

Identifying & Gathering

the Critical Data

This will be generated primarily from our

existing comprehensive database of

contacts we've developed over years. It will include basics like...

  • Company name

  • Mailing address

  • City and/or Province

  • Telephone, fax number

  • Executive Management (Decision Maker)

  • Industry classification code (sic & naics)

  • Sales volume figure

  • Number of Employees

  • Square Footage/Office Size and many others...

Additional Data Capture Sources

In addition to our existing database we’ve been mining for over 10 years, all other sources of leads will be captured from the various channel sources, funneled into our Marketing Automation platform for lead scoring and nurturing so we can stay engaged with your prospects.

For example: Webforms, landing pages, social media, email marketing, targeted google ads etc.

Additional Data Capture Sources

Empower Your Team

Staying engaged with your prospects throughout the process

A contact who is highly engaged is probably ready to make a purchase decision and you may be able to be more aggressive with the frequency you contact them. In this way, you can adapt the length of your sales cycle on the basis of a lead's behavior.

How do we do that?

With Lead Nurturing & Lead Scoring through Marketing Automation, managed by experience sales professionals with a combined 60 years of experience.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is software technology that manages, automates and measures lead generation activities so businesses can increase operational efficiencies and convert prospects into buyers, with one notable exception that makes us stand out from other services using similar platforms: Real, Live, Professional sales-people managing  and over-seeing your entire process. Your Dedicated Account Manager.

How do we do that?

Lead Nurturing

It's the process of building relationships by providing valuable info & ongoing contact to qualified prospects, even though they are not yet ready to buy, so you stay top-of-mind when they are ready. All the while capturing critical pieces of intel you need so you can be ready to meet with the prospect and close the deal.

What Is Lead Nuturing

As we get deeper into the lead nurturing efforts, the goal is to develop them into a sales-ready lead who can be handed off to your sales team. Lead nurturing is all about taking that prospect from just raising their hand, to someone who is prepared to become a customer or client. "Ready To Buy".

What Is Lead Nuturing

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a numerical value that is assigned to a contact. A single score can be comprised of one or more rules that can award or subtract points from a contact, if they meet your conditions. This is at the heart of your Modified S.C.O.T.S.M.A.N.

For example, scoring for Budget, Authority, Need, Pain-point, Timeframe. Decision-Maker contact information (name, position, direct phone, email address, physical location, etc.) We help you create and develop your own customized S.C.O.T.S.M.A.N. attributes based on your unique company needs.

Lead Score/Probability Score (Drilldown)

Setting up each attribute (modified S.C.O.T.S.M.A.N.) with the specific PS (a.k.a. probability score) so that each time a piece of the S.C.O.T.S.M.A.N. is obtained from the target prospect by your account manager, the overall global value of that lead increases by the assigned value.

For Example:

For example, if a contact starts off with a baseline score of 10 points =(Name, title, email, address, phone), then a rule was created that assigns 20 points if that contact is in fact the decision maker and another rule that assigns 20 points if that same  contact is ready to make a purchase of your product or service. A contact that matches both those rules would have a combined score of 60 points or a 60% probability of you closing the deal.

Lead Score/Probability Score (Drilldown)

This is what your total combined S.C.O.T.S.M.A.N. score will look like at the end.

1. Who is the final decision maker ? = 20% PS 

2. What is their main pain point ? = 20% PS 

3. Do they have a budget ? = 20% PS 

4. Are they under contract ? = 20% PS 

5. What is the time line for making the final decision to pull the trigger ? = 20% PS

This combined accumulated score outlined by you, during our consultation and Information Gathering Session is the total SCOTSMAN. 100% PS=Ready to Buy.

It's Time To Close The Deal!

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Real Time/weekly Reporting

We believe in full transparency. As a client, you gain full access to weekly reporting  where you can track Key Performance Indicators and Service Levels in real-time. You see what we see!

This weekly reporting feedback allows your sales and marketing teams to understand what is happening with your pipeline and how fast its growing so they can make decisions on how much of your pipeline you want to pull offline and go for the close.

Each attribute obtained by your dedicated account manager must be verified with an accompanying piece of evidence i.e. an email from the target prospect saying “yes, we have budget approval,” for example. It could also be a phone call recording, a text or chat conversation, all that evidence will be uploaded to our platform and attached to that contact or target prospect file and included with your weekly reporting.

Reporting Details & Options

Reporting Details & Options

Weekly Reportng Stats​​

  • Executive summery

  • Total contacts in pipeline

  • Percentage of pipeline growth by:  PS Score

  • Rate of pipeline growth

  • Percentage by KPI

  • Opportunity by industry

  • Opportunity by geographic area

  • Opportunity by percentage of pipeline

  • Opportunity by KPI

  • Opportunity by ROI

The hand-off to you with first appointment

At the end of the process, your first appointment will be booked and schedule with your prospect so you can meet with them face to face.