What's In It For You

If your close rate on most leads is 20% on a first meeting, our goal is to increase that close rate to 80, 90 or even 100%.

Tell Us What You Need To Close The Deal and We'll Get it Done

Is your sales cycles too long and it’s difficult to close new business?

Money is being wasted on ads and  marketing initiatives with no clear ROI?

Your sales team's 6 figure salaries are taking a big bite out of the bottom line and nothing to show for it?

Revenues are OK but profitability sucks?

Tired of running around in circles using telemarketing strategies that no longer work?

The competition is stealing your best customer and have them on a lock down.

Are your sales reps hitting their quarterly or annual sales quotas?


If you answer yes to any of the "Pain Points" above, then we need to talk.

Our Solution

Inflated salaries with no ROI to show for it-"Gone"

The average salary for a top sales professional is around$70k. Add another 20% for taxes and benefits and you're out$87k.  

Gone are the days of  inflated sales salaries and bonuses for the sales department while the return on your investment suffers.

Over Priced Benefit Premiums-"Eliminated"

Companies wages and salaries for their employees accounts for 70% of employee expense. The remaining 30 percent comes from benefits. That means that a little less than one third of your entire employee expenses are benefits. That will be almost 

completely eliminated.

High cost of Sales Training/Support-"No More"

Sales training is one of your  biggest investment you make to acquire new customers.. Not only are you paying for training and related expenses, but your sales team is also losing countless paid man-hours by chasing unqualified deals they have no hope of closing. 

Employee Turnover-"Stress-Free"

Studies show most employers spend the equivalent of 6 to 9

 months of an employee’s salary in order to replace them .Now doing the math, that means that for a sales person making $70k will cost  a company anywhere from$35,000 to $52,000 to hire and train a replacement. 

Cost of New Customer Aquasition-"Contained"

The cost per acquisition matrix is one of the simplest for every business owner to digest and understanding.  It also takes a big bite off the bottom line next to wages and benefits. In other words, if you're spending $2 on sales & marketing to acquire  one customer, but the life time revenue for that customer if $1, then you're not making a profit.

Pay-as-You-Grow "Done"

​Our pay-as-you-grow pricing model allows you to pay   incrementally as the value of your pipeline increases. Its the difference between having 10 prospects in your pipeline with a 20% chance of closing the deal vs., those same 10 prospects with a 90% chance of closing the deal.

Stay up to date with "Real Time Reports" 

You gain full access to our White Label platform customer reports. You can keep track of our KPI and Service Levels in near real-time. You see what we see on a weekly basis. Customer feedback tracking allows your operations and product teams to understand the impact of your revenue engine.